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UPCEA Data Wonk-ings #1: Wage Data and a Cool Chart

data and going through pages and pages of...least interesting. Labor Data All in One

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Data Wonkings #4: Brain drain, immigration and just a cool graphic

Interestingly enough, the data shows that

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Data Wonk-ings #2: If you build it they will come ... but will the house come crashing down?

Yes, it is an over-used phrase ... "If you build it, they will come," as stated by Ray Kinsella in Field of Dreams . However, it is relevant to the enrollment management process that higher education has built, especially in continuing education and online learning units. UPCEA recently...

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a small data text file that is placed in...accessible through our site have separate data

website homepage:

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Stake Your Claim - 2013 Marketing Seminar

amount of data around the effectiveness data, we want to help you stake your

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