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  • Hi Angela! We just moved from Blackboard Learn 9.1 to Ultra. I spoke about the transition this summer at BbWorld - my resources from that session are available at  bit.ly/bbworld19-niu-ultra ... Read More

  • When working with faculty, the Center for Academic Innovation's approach to faculty IP rights aligns with the University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide https://spg.umich.edu/policy/601.28 ... Read More

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  • I would also be interested in finding out about revenue sharing agreements.  About 18 month ago our university launched a university wide CE unit that supports our 14 faculty-school ... Read More

  • Pamela, Attached you will find Cal State East Bay's Extension Organizational chart.  Additionally, given your interest in developing a unit that offers degrees and microcredentials ... Read More

  • Some great replies so far, and I will just chime in with this:  many are CONSUMERS of technology, but becoming a CREATOR with technology requires a paradigm shift.  We try to meet ... Read More

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