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  • Hi Nancy, Thanks for the tip - I've never heard of Sagence and will definitely check them out. It would be great to have a tour of your set up at some point too - thanks for the ... Read More

  • We use the Sagence platform. It has a world-class, modern UX/UI. The platform has facilitated our development and delivery of flexible learning and teaching modalities with adaptive ... Read More

  • Thank you all for your responses.  Does anyone have a framework for how they calculate their CE compensation for instruction?  Do you go by contact hour or a flat rate?  In my ... Read More

  • Hello - I am in the same situation so I would welcome any samples as well!  I developed one at my former institution but I did not take it with me.  If I am able to obtain a copy, ... Read More

  • Hello all, To help determine course development costs, I'm working on setting up some general guidelines/estimates for costs related to contract instructional designers. I'm ... Read More

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