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  • The cons that we have experienced have been in relation to project budgets and how the overall budget concept can unfortunately influence behaviors. On the client side, we found ... Read More

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    Terminal degree group

    Greetings friends! Are you currently working on your terminal degree? Did you know there's at least 30 of you that are currently working on their Ph.D. or Ed.D.? Well, you would ... Read More

  • Hi Brent, You mentioned the pros as they relate to defining capacity. What are the cons of charge back model that you have? Thanks! Linda Linda S Kingston, ... Read More

  • We have a somewhat different model than many institutions. Our development team works as an hourly recharge for various projects. Because of this, we have been submitting monthly ... Read More

  • Hello Asim, We also use Examity and never encountered this issue. Could you provide more details? I understand that the students share their screens with the proctor ... Read More

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