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  • This approach works very well for ensuring accessible content, and most of us are already using an accessible LMS of one kind or another, but when it comes to activities and assessments, ... Read More

  • Evan Our repeat business for online is about 1.4 courses per student while for face to face it's around 3x. I'm afraid I don't know about industry norms. Dani ... Read More

  • Christina, Here is a position currently posted at UW-Madison in the IT department (not in Learning Design, Development & Innovation unit under Continuing Studies). It may, however, ... Read More

  • Hi Hassan, We're following an agency model, where I assign "clients" (largely internal stakeholders, such as colleges or institutions) to individual team members, based on their ... Read More

  • I'm curious how other Cont./Prof. Education units are organized, in terms of marketing. Are you utilizing an agency model? More of a focus on functional areas (online, degree, ... Read More

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