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  • Great questions - thank you. 1- Some of our offerings align with the institutional schedule, some do not. All courses offered at our downtown campus and most offered at ... Read More

  • At the University of Nevada, Reno we use a separate registration system for our non-credit programs. If we are working with a company they send us the registrations and we enter ... Read More

  • At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, our answers are: 1)Do you run non-credit courses in the same schedule as the University or separate? Separate. 2)Are your non-credit ... Read More

  • Thanks for sharing this, Ryan. ------------------------------ Emory Maiden Instructional Tech Consultant Appalachian State University Boone NC maidenev3@appstate.edu -------- ... Read More

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    RE: Live proctoring

    Ryan, thanks for the great resource on Unproctored Assessments. This was a great find.  Thank you. ------------------------------ Karen Srba VP Adademic & Instructional Technology ... Read More

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