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  • Hi all! Has anyone set up a scholarship specifically for international students to help with incidental costs such as: application fees, English Proficiency exam fees, visa & SEVIS ... Read More

  • Hello Sandra,  We worked with Meni Sarris who is now at  https://www.spurcg.com/ Meni understood our profession, was able to provide relevant data and what I found to be most ... Read More

  • Gartner Group’s Talent Neuron may be helpful. We work with them because of their global footprint and to help our clients see how their digital credentials match up with real time ... Read More

  • Hi Carola,  At OpenClassrooms, a Paris-based higher education establishment that operates an online  tech-based global education to employment platform which focuses on the most ... Read More

  • Question for members of the MESS Network (or anyone else who wants to contribute):  What challenges do you face with retention and what do you do to overcome them? In addition ... Read More

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