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  • Hello UPCEA Community, I am working with an institution to help strengthen its new program development processes.  As part of the process, we've gathered a number of processes ... Read More

  • In terms of noncredit-to-credit pathways, we've had about a dozen institutions respond to date.  About a third are engaged in various noncredit to credit pathway activities.  Those ... Read More

  • Hi Missy, The good, and bad, news is that there is no correct answer to this. Various compensation models will make sense for different types of programs. We always suggest that ... Read More

  • Hi Missy, We compensate instructors for noncredit offerings similar to credit with a PCR that is pro-rated as needed and based on the number of contact/planning hours. We also ... Read More

  • Hi Missy, We've used a few different approaches.  Sometimes we compensate with a price per contact hour and other times we pay per student enrollment.  This often depends on the ... Read More

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