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  • Hi, Gary. I am following up with the following: " Did you have any faculty concerns about the program? One of the issues that's come up at my school are worries that aligning with ... Read More

  • Susan, thanks for the comment. Fees certainly would be something to be mindful of when planning.  As for my institution, to be honest it's too early to tell. Like you, there have ... Read More

  • Hi Mel. Thank you for the example. I had not thought about the notion that the industry certification could be valuable enough to compete (in a sense) with the degree program. ... Read More

  • Hello. I hope you are well.  Rush University is in the initial stages of our LMS migration process to migrate from Blackboard Learn to either Blackboard Ultra or Canvas. Thus ... Read More

  • Gary, This is something we've been thinking out, too.  We'd love to offer a pathway for students to "bolt on" a certificate to their degree to improve their post-graduate employment ... Read More

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