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  • Hello Laurenne, Your question is great, especially given the generational differences of Generation Z and Millennials compared to other cohorts.  Some of our research has shown ... Read More

  • Hello Evan, We've worked with a few institutions on pricing of noncredit programs.  It basically looks at existing programs and pricing and what their enrollment trends have been.  ... Read More

  • Can you speak more about the process?  Is it technical, enrollment, marketing or something else?  This might help to see whether or not the community has someone that can help. ... Read More

  • Hello Hassan, While I don't directly work in a PCO marketing unit, I've had the pleasure of working with a number of institutions to align marketing units, activities and budgets.  ... Read More

  • Hello Jack, I am the Chief Research Officer for UPCEA and Director for the UPCEA Center for Research and Strategy.  I'd be happy to talk research with you and what members are ... Read More

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