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  1. Larry Bouthillier
    Larry Bouthillier

    New England Institute of Technology
    East Greenwich, RI

  2. Janet Castleman
    Janet Castleman

    Providence College School of Continuing Education
    Providence, RI

  3. photo not available
    Timothy Mozia

    California State University, Long Beach
    Long Beach, CA

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Jordan DiMaggio

Jordan DiMaggio

Jim Fong

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Jordan DiMaggio

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    Creating "Conversations"

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    Here is a link to a new blog post that addresses our role in helping create conversations between the university and the community:

  • Justin Fraase

    RE: MESS: Print collateral for program marketin...

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    Megan, We still use print for several of our programs, however the amount dedicated is decreasing. We have a brochure for our online/distance degrees and courses, but our marketing for this segment is well over 80% digital. We also use print...

  • Lesley Snyder

    RE: MESS: Print collateral for program marketin...

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    Hi Megan, We've dramatically reduced our print marketing for CE based on ROI analysis. We run reports tracking our spend for each print publication (advertising, brochure, postcard) by program and compare it against our enrollments (paid course...

  • Marie Cini

    REMINDER: Request for Proposals for 100th Annual...

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    Request for Proposals REMINDER! Don't miss the chance to propose a concurrent session for the 100th Annual Conference! Proposals are due by October 27 and are welcomed in any of the following tracks: International Leadership...

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