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  • This is something we are beginning to investigate as well, Laura. The issue comes up for those faculty concerned that the person who registers for the course actually is taking... Read More

  • Colleagues, join me for a timely webinar exploring ways you can leverage technology and analytics to increase enrollment and revenue at your institution. At this time... Read More

  • Hi Laura, GW issues college IDs (GWids) to our online students. Students can use their GWids to gain access controlled locations on campus, such as the libraries... Read More

  • Yes we use ID cards. They are issued in coordination with a bank thus smart cards that we can program for everything from allowing admittance to locked buildings where the... Read More

  • Thanks to everyone for the incredibly helpful and informed responses. I continue to be impressed with how colleagues across universities help each other in such meaningful ways. Carol ------------------------------ Carol... Read More

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