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    Kate Shelton

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    Joyce Chen

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    Jan Bauer

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Molly Nelson

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  • Melinda Conley

    Noncredit registration software

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    Hi all - we are exploring options for our noncredit registration system. We currently have AceWare, and have looked at Elevate. What other companies are out there, and do you have any experiences you can share? Thanks in advance.

  • Rosa Diaz-Mulryan

    3rd Party Curriculum Issues

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    Our continuing education unit is interested in offering PDUs to teachers who will participate in a summer program on our campus using a third party curriculum. Due to Middle States rules that can affect our college's accreditation, we are told we cannot...

  • photo not available

    RE: Extended Completion vs. Incomplete

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    I too would be interested in this type of option. How it addresses instructor/faculty availability is a question, as well as their assessment along with the student's. Encouraging or buying extra time has other concerns, such as equity. But if we...

  • Sarah Fornero

    Extended Completion vs. Incomplete

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    Does anyone have a policy or a practice in place to allow a student to identify they will need additional time to complete a course? We currently have a number of 8 week online courses and have some students who determine they will need more time...

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