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  • Hi Emily, In my experience, optimal class size depends on the nature of the course - how long is it? is it heavy on teacher-student interaction? are there a lot of discussion... Read More

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    Closed Captioning

    We are working to provide closed captions in real time for our synchronous online classes. We are having difficulty finding a provider who can post without significant delay.... Read More

  • Hi Emily We find that cohorts of between 40 to 50 are optimum and can break them down further for team work in small groups of 5 or 6 where needed. The key though for viability... Read More

  • Would love to have you share your best practices about teaching large online classes. We initially started with 20 to 25 students in our online classes, and now am experiencing... Read More

  • Many thanks to those who participated in the survey and those that have participated in the discussion. I love when the community responds! Love the interaction, engagement... Read More

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