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  • Hello Erin, We reach out to our online graduate students who do not matriculate their first semester of admission. Those who do not respond to emails and phone calls receive... Read More

  • Has anybody out there developed a comprehensive plan for retention of students in certificate programs in a non-cohort model? Thank you, Gayle Gayle Solberg ... Read More

  • I did actually do that in a PD workshop series at my previous university. At each event, participants filled out an evaluation, which included (I believe) a question on whether... Read More

  • Hi Erin, I am hoping to do a similar survey in early 2017 of our online graduate students. I am happy to stay in touch as that progresses. Sarah ------------------------------... Read More

  • NOTE: This is for Massachusetts Colleges/Universities only...Can my colleagues within Massachusetts answer this question for me? Recently my institution, Lasell College,... Read More

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