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  • Middle States standard 3.6 states: "in institutions that offer graduate and professional education, opportunities for the development of research, scholarship, and independent ... Read More

  • We utilize master courses too. Our policy is that teaching faculty can report errors or recommend revisions. Errors are fixed ASAP and recommendations are reviewed by the program ... Read More

  • Larry, A diagram like yours is exactly what we are lacking in our process as we are refining it - thanks for sharing! ------------------------------ Sherry Cowen, PhD BYU Online ... Read More

  • At Columbia College Chicago Online we're trying a new model where instructors have a facilitator role within the LMS with no editing privileges. They can update content and customize ... Read More

  • Our policy is similar to Sherry's at BYU. We have a master version of the course. This is usually done by the person who will teach it for the first time. Once it's been taught ... Read More

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