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    Ann Gannon

    Oregon State University Extended Campus
    Corvallis, OR

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    Karin Bright

    Colorado State University
    Fort Collins, CO

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    Christine Kroll

    University at Buffalo-SUNY
    Buffalo, NY

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Jim Fong

Jim Fong

2015 Marketing Survey: Staffing

Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

Jordan DiMaggio

Jordan DiMaggio

In The Know


  • Kristen Brown

    Online Program Retention and Graduation Methodo...

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    Hi again everyone. I'm interested in hearing what methodology your institution uses to track retention and graduation rates for online program students. Do you have anything you can share or articles regarding this you can reference? I'm meeting with...

  • Michele Long

    MESS: Interesting Social Media Panel Discussion

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    Did you know this is Social Media Week ? Check out this interesting panel discussion on Leading With Facts! and using data and creative to build your story. Fun fact: the brilliant Media Analyst from ICED Media is my niece, Chelsea Long. Link...

  • Marlys Boote

    RE: Policy Question

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    The U of Iowa has a Continuing Education non-degree status for graduate students, and yes, each must provide a transcript to verify earned bachelor's degree and minimum cumulative GPA.

  • Kelly Newell

    RE: new online program checklist

    Posted in: UPCEA Open Forum

    Ray, thank you for posting that. It is very helpful indeed! Kelly

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